Hifi-Advice - Christiaan Punter   February 2020

“  The FoilFlex cables have no such pitfalls, their sound is very coherent and fast and open from top to bottom. A hallmark of a great cable is that I forget to take note at a certain point during my assessments and just listen to the music. This is what happens with the FoilFlex cables. Once connected, they can just remain in place, never to be given a second thought again… unless… unless one intentionally wants to color the sound one way or another.”

“  Conclusion   .    FoilFlex aims to provide very high performance as well as great value and if there’s one thing that my experience with these cables made clear it is that this is no hollow claim. Both the speaker cables and interlinks provide absolutely insane quality considering their relatively low cost."

Yes, they can be bettered but only when spending much more, and even then, they can only be improved upon in certain aspects. These cables’ strongest attributes are transparency and resolution and in these fields, they are near-impossible to beat, even when the cost is no object. If hearing precisely what is in the recordings is the objective then I wholeheartedly recommend giving these cables a go.  “




 High Fidelity  -  Wojciech Pacula   April 2020

"    The FoilFlex cables conveyed it very accurately - almost as well as the Siltech Triple Crown cables, they were compared to. Silver cables from the Netherlands sound darker, have a more velvety background, but these differences were quite small. “

“  But I say this, comparing them to the extremely expensive competition, to the best speaker cables I know. And even in this comparison Australian cables surprised me with excellent dynamics, speed and slam. Because these are just very good cables. They sound neutral, but also natural, show a lot of details, but are not overly detailed. You can hear that it is a product that came from love - love of music. "