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 The FoilFlex cables have no such pitfalls, their sound is very coherent and fast and open from top to bottom. A hallmark of a great cable is that I forget to take note at a certain point during my assessments and just listen to the music. This is what happens with the FoilFlex cables.

Christiaan Punter - Hifi-Advice

These cables’ strongest attributes are transparency and resolution and in these fields, they are near-impossible to beat, even when the cost is no object.

Christiaan Punter - Hifi-Advice

But I say this, comparing them to the extremely expensive competition, to the best speaker cables I know.         And even in this comparison Australian cables surprised me with excellent dynamics, speed and slam. Because these are just very good cables.

Wojciech Pacula - High Fidelity

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Hi! I’m Mike Lenehan, designer and manufacturer of FoilFlex cables and limited edition loud speakers for LenehanAudio.  I live and breathe all things audio and have been designing high end products for a dedicated global following since 1997.  My cables and loud speakers are found in the homes of serious audio enthusiasts and professional recording studios throughout the world. 

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