Welcome to FoilFlex   !!


Hi, I’m Mike Lenehan  from Lenehan Audio , and I am the designer and manufacturer of FoilFlex cables.

 The product range includes  analogue interconnects  ( RCA and XLR )  and loudspeaker cables.    We stock a range of standard lengths and terminations,  but also produce custom lengths and terminations on request.

 Lenehan Audio  is also the licensee to manufacture the highly regarded Curious USB cables.

 For many years I have built and sold worldwide Lenehan Loudspeakers  .  The current range includes ML1, ML2 and ML5,  ( Standard, Reference and Limited specification)

 Check out the links to both Lenehan Audio and Curious cables.

 Why build speaker cables and interconnects,  when  there are many cable manufacturers out there selling at a huge price range to meet every market ?    You can buy  “lamp cord”  for a few cents per metre, up to the most exotic of cables costing many thousands of dollars !

 Initially, I found that there was huge variability in sound quality from different cables that I used in developing Lenehan speakers.  I also found that some cables would sound different with different equipment,  so finding the  overall best interconnect or speaker cable was time consuming and frustrating.    How do you develop a speaker system  when the speaker cables and interconnects were so variable  ?        I made my own.

 I went back to the basic electrical characteristics of cables and  analogue signal transmission through metal.  I was also interested in consistency and stability.  Repeatable and consistent manufacturing process was also critical.    

 I did this only for myself , so that I might have a reference for speaker development.  However , I found that I could not go back to any other commercial  product.   Everything else sounded broken  !!  

 Of course , the inevitable happened.   “ Mike,  can you build me some of those cables  ? “

 The rest is history   (with years of further prototypes, material selection and development)

 They carry a full 3 month 100% refundable satisfaction guarantee .   Rest assured,  none are returned.


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